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CONEXIÓN program participants and mentors build long-lasting and reciprocal relationships of value. Mentors assist program participants in identifying goals and working towards accomplishing them. Mentor-mentee pairs meet monthly over the course of the program period. 

Mentor profile:

  • C-suite executives, Executive Directors, SVPs, EVPs, or entrepreneurs.
  • Have mentored before (formally or informally).
  • Open to meeting and getting to know a HispanicLatino professional through a one-on-one mentorship experience.


Program participants are expected to learn from their mentors, taking advantage of their professional experience to seek strategic advice in navigating opportunities for growth and increasing leadership. With guidance, participants will also broaden their own professional networks through shadowing their mentors, attending meetings or speaking engagements with their mentors, or engaging in informational interviewing with members of their mentors’ networks.

Mentee profile:

  • 2 to 8 years (Early Career) / +10 years (Mid Career) of professional experience.
  • HispanicLatino heritage.
  • Background in any industry.


The opportunities and challenges of the future are clear. HispanicLatino purchasing power in 2010 reached more than $1 trillion. HispanicLatinos comprise 40% of all new workers entering the labour force. These significant demographic shifts in the marketplace and workforce will happen in tandem with the imminent retirement of the baby-boomer generation.

 At the most basic level, businesses, organizations, and the government will need to hire qualified, educated workers to fill the impending labour shortage. All sectors of society must look to HispanicLatinos to assume positions of leadership as changes in the composition of the population transform society.

We welcome you to take action as an official sponsor and become part of our growing family of Conexionistas.


Are you interested in getting involved with your community?  Do you want to do something that is satisfying and of great service? Then become a CONEXIÓN volunteer!

Help us make a real impact and promote career advancement for HispanicLatino professionals while broadening your skills and expanding your networks. The only qualification required is your passion and desire to help!


Conexión is actively engaged in helping organizations and individuals who recognize the importance of civic and social engagement.

We tap into our robust network of talented, accomplished HispanicLatino professionals who understand the importance of actively participating and getting involved. Organizations also recognize that in order to serve the changing demographics within the region and in the country, they must actively reach out and connect with this growing network.

If you are interested in learning more about tapping into the Conexión network of alumni and friends or if you yourself are interested in serving on a board, please click here for more information.