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Current Situation in the U.S.

If the contribution to gross domestic product by Latinos in the U.S. were it's own country, it would be the eighth-largest economy in the world, just behind France

Source: Barrons.


Latinos are projected to represent 74% of labor force growth by 2020

Source: Forbes.


As of 2018, only 2.2% of the Fortune 500 CEO’s were Latinos

Source: Fast Company.

Conexión Milestones

Our work has reached 20 states in the US and Puerto Rico.

We have partnered with more than 75 companies.

Our robust and sophisticated alumni​ network is comprised by more than 600 executives​


“CONEXIÓN played an important role in my development as a leader and my decision to run for public office. My mentor and the program gave me the feedback and supportive network I needed to make the biggest decision of my professional life.”

– Jon Santiago, Emergency Medicine Doctor at Boston Medical Center / State Representative for the 9th Suffolk District in MA. –

– Mentor: Jeff Fuhrer, EVP and Senior Policy Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston –


“I’m so excited to have been paired with a mentor who shares the same passions that I have. My mentor helped me with goal setting and connected me with Boston’s philanthropic community.  I’m looking forward to expanding my network and developing my skills both externally and internally at my company.”

 – Tanairys Cruz, Risk Consultant at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. –

 – Mentor: Debra Drapalla, Regional President at Webster Bank. –


“CONEXIÓN has been a home away from home. I love hearing all of the stories and experiences from my Early Career cohort and fellow alums. My mentor has played a key role in helping me become a thought leader and supporting me with career planning.  Thank you CONEXIÓN!”

– Robinson Adames, Financial Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. –

– Mentor: Miguel Rosado, SVP & Senior Commercial Lender at The Cooperative Bank. –

Our Partners / Sponsors

Thanks to our partners and sponsors for contributing to our mission.