Conexiónista Evelyn Barahona on CNN Latino


Latino’s have finally become a hot commodity in the mainstream and especially during this election season, prompting even Time Magazine to do a piece on us. Writer Giovanni Rodriguez goes so far as to call this season the Latino Spring. The demographics are powerful, no doubt: There are 12.2 million HispanicLatino voters out there to be lured by either party. The top issues for Latinos as reported by The Pew Hispanic Center, 2011 National Survey of Latinos: 1. Jobs (50%) 2. Education (49%) 3. Healthcare (45%)

With that in mind and given the fight going on between the various republican hopefuls for this demographic, it is no surprise that one of our own, Conexiónista Evelyn Barahona was interviewed by CNN Latino. She was recently featured in their segment EE.UU voto 2012 – ¿Cómo votó la comunidad hispana en el Supermartes? Evelyn was interviewed for Super Tuesday 2012 In MA. We just found out and had to share with you.

Some observations from Evelyn:

“My personal choice of voting Republican for the primaries was a mix of a few things.  In particular, I felt it was important to get out, vote and be present in our democracy during a primary. I am an Independent that is looking for solutions NOT from a party looking to trump the other party; I am what you would call a “candidate voter” versus a party voter. For me, it’s about the issues and the importance of addressing the Latino agenda as well as getting people out to vote. As Latinos, we have a responsibility to pursue an agenda that addresses initiatives that positively affect our nation, the poor, people of color, the gay population, women and HispanicLatinos.”

What do you think HispanicLatinos will do on Election Night 2012?


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